Rebecca Woodward, DDS

This is the story of Dr. Rebecca Woodward and how DERMA RESCUE helped her to take back her life.

Rebecca is one of 7.5 million Americans who suffer from psoriasis: a chronic disease of the immune system that is uncomfortable, painful, embarrassing and even debilitating.Woodward-extras-1

Rebecca has described her toes splitting open “like overcooked hot dogs.” The pain was so intense, once she considered asking a surgeon what her options were for amputation.

If you suffer from a skin affliction you can relate to her story. This is Becky’s journey to recovery, in her own words:

Until I found DERMA RESCUE, I had been suffering with this skin affliction for ten years. Every day my feet felt as if they had a thousand paper cuts. I couldn’t dance. I couldn’t clap. I had to prepare myself to even stand up and walk.

I share the story of my journey so others can know there is hope.

There were times the appearance of my skin made people afraid to hand me change. Younger patients of mine were reluctant to give me a “high 5.” I am also lucky that my job requires me to wear gloves, so that most of the time my lesions were covered. At one point, I had so much difficulty walking; I was ready to schedule an appointment with an orthopedist to consider amputation of my feet. Every step I took, I could feel the pain of my foot splitting.

At the age of 45, Becky was diagnosed with Palmer Planter Psoriasis following an unexpected breakout from wearing a new pair of flip flops. Her condition spiraled out of control and, despite her efforts to seek treatment, she could not get a handle on a working solution.

Woodward-extras-3For ten years Becky struggled with flare ups and went through a string of dermatologists in her search for relief. From steroids to light box therapy, she was willing to try anything to alleviate her pain. And she had mixed results with drugs.

The first medication I used was Raptiva, but since then, they have taken it off the market because someone died of a brain abscess. They stopped making Amivieve because the regimen was too complicated for most Americans not to mention the expense. For twelve hundred dollars a shot, you need to take it for 12 rounds, and if you think insurance is going to pay for biologics you are out of your mind!

Woodward-extras-4In September of 2013, Rebecca would attend a dental conference that would change her life forever. Becky’s feet were in so much pain that morning, she actually stayed in the car and sent her assistant Pat in, ahead of her. The KINDERMA marketing team was showcasing their Hand Kind REVO soap to medical professionals and offering samples of their newest skin lotion DERMA RESCUE. Pat took some samples out to Becky in the car. Becky applied the DERMA RESCUE lotion to her hands and feet. At that moment, she felt something about this lotion was different and it was going to help her. After a brief trial period, Becky noticed a significant change in her hands and feet.

For the first couple of months while using DERMA RESCUE, I no longer have the deep cracks I had before, and the simple task of walking is no longer painful! My skin is starting to feel more soft and supple. My psoriasis seemes to have changed to be ‘flakey’ and less deep.

In fact, I just returned from a dental meeting where I was able to walk and bike everywhere! Because of the psoriasis, I have not been able to ride a bike in ten years! I know this would not have been possible without DERMA RESCUE.

Becky continued to provide updates on her journey to healthy skin, and the results were life-changing. As she healed, she shared more about her painful memories:

When I discovered DERMA RESCUE, my psoriasis was the worst it had ever been in ten years. Just six months after using the DERMA RESCUE, I have a marked restoration of health, and I have a footprint again!Woodward-extras-6 My hands and feet look so good, no one would ever believe that I have psoriasis! I also no longer have any pain when I walk. I do not have to be careful when I rise to stand or run.

Aside from my nightshade free diet, I am off all other regimens and I am no longer on dangerous and costly steroids. Plus the cost of DERMA RESCUE pales in comparison to steroids and other medications I have taken. Honestly, I would go without food to get DERMA RESCUE!

Now that I am in a better place, it is easier for me to talk about my story. It is such a relief that I can be a ‘normal’ Mom and wife again. When people ask, “How are you?” I can honestly say “GREAT!” without lying. I feel I can get on with the business of living everyday life without worrying about embarrassment and pain. I am pain free and have beautiful skin and the cutest feet!

I was just recently at that same dental conference location that I first encountered DERMA RESCUE. I found myself wishing the lecture hall was a ballroom with a dance floor so I could dance across it… in high heels! This is a far cry from waiting outside in the car because just walking was too painful! For nearly ten years I had to worry about my hands and feet – NOT ANYMORE!!

Another plus is that I can clap! In my spare time, I coach Lacrosse and have been able to actually clap my hands together without pain or the risk of splitting. In the past, I would just pretend – NOT ANYMORE!! I am now clapping at my sons sporting events and dancing with my husband at social events! I never realized clapping, like dancing, elevates your soul! I cannot thank you enough, KINDERMA. Today – thanks to your product, DERMA RESCUE, no one could tell I have suffered from any affliction.

DERMA RESCUE is truly a miracle. I am forever grateful… DERMA RESCUE – RESCUED ME!