October 31, 2015

KIND Halloween

Happy Halloween!

We here at KINDERMA love Halloween. Giving out candy and experiencing the joy and excitement of trick-or-treaters is part of it, but we really love Halloween because it gives us a chance to show you how powerful our exfoliating scrub, Hand Kind SCRUB, really is. Check it out!

Hand Kind SCRUB was originally developed for welders to remove toxic and corrosive chemicals from their skin to protect them from the long-term damages of working with such materials. The creator, Scott Kennedy, was deeply disturbed by the pain and suffering the welders he was working with were going through, because traditional soaps and cleaners can’t remove toxic metal ions from skin. The products that can do this were extremely limited at the time, and after a year of research and development, Hand Kind SCRUB hit the market in 2009 quite successfully. It quickly became a “must have” for mechanics, trades workers, gardeners, hobbyists and more. As you can imagine, a product that can effectively clean a mechanic’s oil-covered, greasy, grimy hands is a product that can clean almost everything!

halloween, face paint, hand kindHalloween costumes are fun to dress up in, but sometimes they can be a pain to get out of at the end of the night. You may have a son or daughter who insisted on highlighter yellow face paint for their Minion costume, or maybe you found yourself building a joker smile with liquid latex and tissues thanks to the help of a YouTube tutorial. Either way, you’ve probably encountered the struggle of getting some of these strong, sticky, waterproof materials off your skin without causing irritation or discomfort. Hand Kind SCRUB will do the trick, and although it has traditionally been sold as a hand scrub, it can be safely used on your face to remove special effects makeup (or anything else for that matter).

Keep in mind, this scrub uses crushed walnut shells to create the perfect exfoliating texture, so if you or your child has a walnut allergy you should not use this product. The fine, salt like texture is strong enough to remove the toughest of materials from the skin, and gentle enough to be used daily without irritating or drying out the skin. Hand Kind SCRUB is biodegradable, does not contain microbeads or any toxic plastics, and has an invigorating citrus scent. Get yourself a bottle here.

This really is a great cleaning product and we’ve even been told it can also be used to scrub out stains from clothing. So if some of your face paint rubs off onto your costume, fear not! Wash the paint off your face and hands and then rub a little product into the stained areas of your costume. Throw it in the wash as you normally would, and the makeup should come right out!

All of us here would like to wish you a happy Halloween filled with candy, fun, and elaborate face paint creations! Here are some Halloween safety guidelines you should review with your family before the big night:

  1. Look left, right, and back to the left again when crossing the road. Always cross on corners and in crosswalks when available.
  2. Walk, don’t run, and use sidewalks.
  3. Only approach houses that are well lit.
  4. Attach reflective tape, stickers, or buttons to your child’s costume so that they are visible by cars. You can also give them a flashlight.
  5. Make sure costumes are the right size, or hem pant legs, to prevent trips and falls.
  6. Examine treats before eating them, and discard any that have torn wrappers.
  7. Test face paint and makeup on the inside of your arm a few hours before dressing up, to test for allergic reactions.
  8. Keep candle-lit pumpkins away from walkways, and look for fire resistant costumes when shopping.
  9. Never enter a stranger’s home, and be cautious around strangers pets.
  10. Have fun!!