November 25, 2015

Hand Kind SCRUB, or Pant Kind SCRUB?

We say this a lot; we love our KIND community. We have a million reasons why, but one of those reasons is that our followers are always telling us what they find works and sending in tips they’d like us to share.

grease-300x300One of our lovely customers recently discovered a new use for Hand Kind SCRUB. Stains! I was a bit skeptical myself, but the universe presented me with the opportunity to try it out. I got cooking grease on a pair of pants, and I tried to wash them but the stain wouldn’t budge. Then I got the email about Hand Kind SCRUB and gave it a shot. I rubbed one small pump into the stain, and then washed the pants as I normally would. Took them out of the dryer and viola! It worked!

Hand Kind SCRUB is a very powerful, industrial strength cleaner. It can get anything off your skin—oil, paint, dye, grease, you name it. The formula is strong enough to scrub toxins and the thickest grime off the skin, and will neutralize any odors with its sweet, citrus scent.

So to all of our mechanics, welders, plumbers, hairdressers and other trade workers who love Hand Kind SCRUB, next time you get oil or dye on your clothing, try scrubbing it out with Hand Kind SCRUB! Everyone has a need for good soap, and good detergent. If you were waiting for another reason to try Hand Kind SCRUB, here it is. Order now here.

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