October 6, 2015

Five Skin Mistakes You’re Making


Skincare can be a complicated matter depending on how oily, dry, or generally problematic your skin is naturally. Regardless of what natural factors may be at play, there are a few common mistakes that once corrected, can make a big difference with your skin’s appearance. Here are five mistakes you’re probably making, and how to easily correct them:

Mistake #1: How you are drying your skin. After washing your face, you should always pat dry with a soft clean towel. Dragging a towel across your face can actually cause more irritation. It can also aggravate the sensitive space under your eyes, causing dark circles to appear larger, and you certainly don’t want that to happen!

Mistake #2: Using the same towel for your hands and face. It seems like such a small thing, but if you use the hand towel hanging by the sink for your hands every day and then rub it all over your face to dry off, you’re essentially rubbing the bacteria from your hands (and everyone else who washed their hands before you) back into your pores. So instead of using one hand towel, get two washcloths every night; one for your hands and one for your face!

Mistake #3: Washing your face with dirty hands. Just like using the same towel twice isn’t good for your skin, if you don’t wash your hands first, you’re not going to get very clean. When you wash your face without washing your hands, all of the dirt and bacteria on your hands and under your fingernails gets rubbed right into your pores. This could be the reason why you have acne or irritated skin in the first place.

Mistake #4: Touching your face. Picking at acne, rubbing tired eyes, or any other reason why you might be touching your face is a problem. Your hands can be covered in germs and oils that will irritate skin and clog pores, and so touching your face throughout the day can be a source of acne and irritation. If you feel the urge to touch your face, make a mental note of why and try to train yourself not to touch. If you can last a few weeks without touching your face, you’ll notice your skin clearing up.

Mistake #5: Makeup. At the end of a long workday, or in the half-asleep daze of coming home after a late night out dancing with friends, skipping makeup removal is easily shrugged off. But washing off all of those layers of mascara and foundation is important to keeping your pores unclogged and clear. If you don’t take your makeup off before bed, it settles into the skin overnight, making it harder to thoroughly clean out in the morning. A good solution is to keep a container of makeup removing cleansing cloths on your nightstand for the nights that a full wash isn’t going to happen.