December 1, 2015

Derma & Diet

DERMA RESCUE is a fantastic lotion for dry skin, especially skin left dry and damaged by conditions like eczema and psoriasis. We understand though, that these conditions are autoimmune related, and are not going to be cured overnight by a lotion. Combining DERMA RESCUE with a proactive diet though, may be the breakthrough you’re looking for.

DERMA RESCUE offers relief from symptoms, and many find it to be far better than other lotions they have tried. One of our customers who has had overwhelming success with DERMA RESCUE is Dr. Rebecca Woodward. Her plaque psoriasis controlled her life until she was #Rescued. Read her full story here.

Rebecca has an update that she would like to share, to offer hope and encouragement to those who, like her, struggle with a skin affliction and are trying to find relief:

“Psoriasis is a chronic condition that can stay dormant for years. Many times a trigger starts it to express itself and it can alter how you feel about yourself. The lesions can be embarrassing, misunderstood by others and an itching, oozing, flaking mess. Over the years of trying to control my condition I have found that diet triggers are very real and difficult to discover. Just the act of eating can intensify your psoriasis. Many professionals really believe psoriasis begins in the gut and displays itself on the skin….”

“Avoiding night shades – tomatoes, potatoes, peppers (not black pepper) and eggplant can help. Also avoiding alcohol. Like in most autoimmune conditions, eating foods that have not been refined is also helpful.  For myself, Splenda was a big trigger, but it is taking months to truly clear. Small changes and setbacks daily – you can’t give up and you can’t expect quick change.”

“All the while that I have been improving DERMA RESCUE has been the only cream that smooths my skin without feeling greasy. When I am having a flare, DERMA RESCUE will quiet it without stinging and burning. It also helps loosen the flaking. Figuring out your triggers is not easy, but it can keep you off expensive, dangerous medicines. DERMA RESCUE can make your mission more comfortable.”

“Don’t give up and definitely give DERMA RESCUE a try.”

-Dr. Rebecca Woorward

Santa BrowniesThe holiday season can be a difficult time for those who have conditions like Rebecca. Family dinners can be full of goods, but not every dish mixes well with your skin’s triggers. If you know your triggers, ask your holiday celebration’s dinner host what dishes will be served. If you can’t have any on the menu, offer to bring your own dish to share.

Not much of a cook? Try asking the host to cook a specific dish for you that works with your dietary restrictions, and offer to bring a desert in return. We suggest these adorable and delicious treats: Santa Brownies.

DERMA and diet go hand in hand in finding successful relief from discomfort. What is your experience? Share with us and we might just feature you on our social media!