October 13, 2015

Tricks To Ditch Dark Circles

eyecirclesDark circles under your eyes may be the result of stress, allergies, lack of sleep, or they could just be hereditary. Regardless of the reason, they aren’t very flattering. The best measure is to avoid developing the circles in the first place by eating a healthy diet, exercising often and sleeping well, but when you don’t, here is what you can do:

Find the source! Dark circles can be caused by correctable mistakes, such as under sleeping and over working. But, they can also be caused by tougher problems like seasonal allergies. If you notice dark circles forming during midterms or near the end of a work project, you can focus your efforts on stress reduction as a long term solution. On the other hand, if you notice that dark circles form every April when your allergies are peaking, these tricks won’t cure your allergies, but they will help minimize the appearance of circles while you ride out the season. Determining whether your circles come from a short term problem or a long term one will help determine if you need to treat the source or treat the symptoms first.

Cucumbers! The look is a bit passé, but the cooling and conditioning properties of cucumbers are nothing to brush off. You can either lay back with some slices over your eyes, or, take juice from a cucumber and massage it into the circles below your eyes before bed. The overnight treatment should help reduce darkness after a few uses.

Tea! The dark circles under your eyes are there because of blood leaking from capillaries. Tea has caffeine, and caffeine can shrink blood vessels, thus reducing their appearance below your eyes. Some tea also has tannins, which can stimulate circulation and tighten the skin, both of which will reduce the appearance of the dark circles. Steep green or black tea in water for 3-5 minutes, cool the bags off and squeeze out any excess water, and then lay back with the bags over your eyes for a half hour. This can be done weekly or even daily. Everyone is different, and how often you need to use this trick depends on your body, so experiment with frequency until you find the magic number.

Water! It can’t be stressed enough; drink more water if you’re experiencing skin afflictions. When your body is well hydrated, its ability to repair itself is truly amazing. When you’re dehydrated though, the first organ to lose water is your skin. If you’re experiencing dark circles under your eyes and these tricks aren’t making a difference, up your water intake, because chances are that you’re not drinking enough.

A cold compress! Lying down with a cold compress over your eyes will soothe the blood vessels causing the dark circles by constricting them, and it’s a quick five minute solution. You can use a cold spoon, a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a washcloth, or a washcloth cooled down with cold water.

Avocado! It can soothe your under eye circles with a few fresh slices, just like cucumbers. If you want to give it a try, follow the same steps as a cucumber treatment. Avocados are full of vitamins that are good for skin, and that natural goodness is the reason why we use avocado oil in our advanced therapy lotion, DERMA RESCUE. If you’re not into putting slices on your face, but you want the benefits of a deep moisturizer applied to the dark circles, DERMA RESCUE is a great option. Simply apply the lotion below the circles before bed each night.

Dark eye circles are a normal skin problem that many (if not most) people deal with at some point, and you are not alone in wanting to get rid of them. If you’re seeing circles that just won’t go away, hopefully some of these tricks help you determine the source and the solution.

Thanks to thebeautydepartment.com for this infographic!

Thanks to thebeautydepartment.com for this infographic!