November 3, 2015

Cold Air Skincare

A cold front is moving in.

cold, winter, skincare, routine, dry skin, fall, november, december, skinNow that it’s November, the cold weather is officially here to stay for the next several months. Say goodbye to dry skin with these winter weather skincare tips!

  • Avoid over washing. In the colder months of the year, you want to reduce how often you wash your skin compared to how often you wash it in the summer. Over washing will contribute to dry skin, so if you notice dryness starting even before the weather gets extra icy, reconsider the type of soaps you use and how often.
  • Chap Stick can actually dry out your lips if the same kind is used often. Use different lip moisturizers throughout the week, and as the temperature continues to plummet, you’ll be able to tell which lip balm works best for you. Everyone is different! The best lip moisturizers to look out for are ones with Vitamin E and sunscreen.
  • On that last note, use sunscreen! The winter sun reflects off the snow like a mirror, and can burn your skin if you’re outside long enough. Pick up a moisturizing sunscreen and apply it before you shovel, go skiing, or plan to spend any extended time outside.
  • Scarves can be a great tool in defending skin from winter weather. Wrap a soft scarf around your face made from cotton or another gentle fabric, covering your nose, mouth, and chin. Harsh wind can dry out these areas fast, so by shielding them on cold days you can prevent the skin from harm.
  • Caffeine can dry out your skin, so avoid drinking too much coffee in the winter. The early setting sun may make you feel drowsy, but instead of grabbing a second cup of coffee, try a natural pick-me-up such as stopping by the gym or doing some light exercises at home.
  • Sometimes the best feeling at the end of a bitterly cold day is a long, hot shower. Hot showers, though, especially long ones will cause dry skin in the winter. Try to limit your time in the shower, and do your best to settle for warm–not hot–water.
  • Apply lotion three times a day. Applying lotion after you shower is absolutely necessary to prevent dry skin in the winter, but applying it more than once will keep your skin at its best. Aim for morning, afternoon, and night, and choose a lotion (such as DERMA RESCUE) that has no dyes or fragrances, as these can dry out skin further.
  • When grocery shopping, keep in mind that a winter diet should include lots of water and vitamins. Vitamin C, E, and K are essential to healthy skin, and can be found in many fruits and veggies. You can also take a daily supplement for days that you don’t have time to prepare a full meal.
  • Itchy scalp? While some winter skin conditions can be prevented, a dry scalp is something that can sneak up out of nowhere, but is easily fixed by a change in shampoo/conditioner. Switch to a dandruff shampoo for the cold months to combat dry, flaky scalp problems, and choose a conditioner with tea tree oil or coconut oil. Be sure to wash your scalp with warm and not hot water, and be gentle when massaging the lather into your hair.

Got any winter skincare tips you’d like to see added to this list? Let us know by tweeting at us!