Hand Kind REVO – 16 Fl. Oz.


Hand Kind REVO is a hand cleaner and all over body wash that contains a high concentration of a smooth, comforting moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated all year long.

  • Also a fantastic shampoo that provides powerful dandruff relief, while also moisturizing and conditioning your hair!
  • Contains aloe vera and grape seed extract, that when used daily, can reverse the damage caused by hand sanitizers and other harsh chemicals.
  • Strong enough to wash away tough dirt, but gentle enough to be used multiple times a day, even on the most sensitive skin.
  • Safe for all over use, and does not contain harsh drying agents like similar high-performance cleaners.
  • Paraben, dye and fragrance free! Never tested on animals!

All of our products are proudly made in the USA and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!



  1. Barb Lauer

    Hi… I have plaque psoriasis on my hands and feet, and it’s starting on my scalp. Revo is gentle, moisturizing and the itching has noticeably subsided. I’ve only used it twice as a shampoo and the results are already positive!!! Love all the other products, too!!! Great company, with great products!!!

  2. Becky Koswork

    Hi – I have been a diabetic for over 15 years and I have dry skin. I have tried every body soap and moisturizing soap (both bar and gel) that is sold on the market. I love, love, love Hand Kind Revo. I now use it as a body wash as well as a hand soap. I originally ordered 1 bottle in July and just recently purchased 2 bottles so I could have one in the shower and one in my downstairs bathroom. Anyone that has dry skin should try Hand Kind Revo, you won’t be disappointed.Thank you for this wonderful product.

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REVO is an all over body wash for anyone with dry skin. It contains natural humectant skin conditioners, including aloe vera and grape seed extract. This unique combination intensely moisturizes dry skin aggravated by ordinary soaps as well as routine use of hand sanitizers. It is richly formulated, yet gentle to the skin. It also thoroughly removes stubborn stains, grime and grease.

Ingredients: Water, carbomer, alpha olefin sulfonate, cocamidopropyl betaine, natural distilled orange oil, proprietary naturally derived humectant blend, sodium gluconate, tetrasodium n,n-bis(carboxylato methyl)-l-glutamate, chloromethylisothiazolin. View MSDS document.